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Depending on the needs of our customers we deploy the necessary resources, machines and cleaning agents to undertake the toughest cleaning tasks; assuring complete satisfaction, removing every speck of dirt on the way. We also strive to introduce advanced tools, materials and techniques, on an on-going basis, to enable our teams to enhance our cleaning service delivery.


Clean & Gleam Services

Clean & Shine Services

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This service entails thorough professional cleaning of the facility after completion of construction and building work. We call this “Reputation Cleaning” - after all, presenting a clean environment, and welcoming people to a spotless environment, has a positive effect on your image.

Clean & Gleam Service Coverage:

  • Scraping and removal of tough dirt, cement debris, paint spills and stains, fingerprints on any surface (roof, ceiling, walls, tiles, floors, glass, woodwork and everywhere)-in short cleaning every spot in sight!
  • Deep polishing of floors, pathways, stairways, corridors, bays, woodwork, tiles, exterior and interior glass surfaces, adding the sparkle to the living or workplace
  • Sweeping and mopping work areas thoroughly, adding shine to the living or workspace
  • We leave ensuring, not even a speck remains.
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sep-icon Clean & Shine Services

This service entails thorough professional cleaning of a facility on an on-going basis. We call this “Upkeep Cleaning”. Once people have moved in and work begins dust and dirt accumulate, what’s more cobwebs emerge. Investing in contractual cleaning, offers your employees and customers the right clean ambience -creating the right environment for better productivity and the all important “feel good” factor.

Clean & Shine Services Coverage:

  • Remove dirt and cobwebs on desks /blinds/chairs
  • Vacuum clean all furnishings and carpets
  • Sweep and mop hardwood/tiled floors/pathways
  • Washing and Cleaning all glass surfaces

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Shine Services

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Shine Services

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No matter what your cleaning needs are, we are ready and waiting to serve you!
For Spotless Cleaning call Rose Spic ‘N’ Span

About Rose Spic ‘N’ Span India Private Limited

Founded by CR Krishnamurthy a cleaning industry veteran, Rose Spic ‘N’ Span India will build personalized customer relationships through professional large-scale cleaning services adopting best available technologies and solutions supported by highly skilled manpower. Rose Spic ‘N’ Span will cater to the cleaning needs of :

  • Building & Construction Companies
  • Residential Complexes
  • IT SEZ, Parks & Offices
  • Shopping Malls & Showrooms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Business Establishments